AI Personalization on Wix stores

What is AI Personalization

AI Personalization (AI = Artificial Intelligence) means raising user-specific results and decreasing other ones. The user-specific results are based on the user’s search history: what a user searched and what he clicked on. Thus, personalized search can improve customer experience in your Wix store.

Your customers’ search results will be tailored based on their behavior:

  • products that were viewed or got quick views (at least 5 views were made)
  • products added to cart (at least 2 products were added)
  • products checked out (at least 1 product was bought)

How AI Personalization works

When your customer visits a product page in your store, Searchanise remembers its category and type. After the customer has visited product pages with a specific category/type more than five times, AI Personalization starts affecting the search results: the products from a certain category/type will move up the list of suggestions.

For example, there are two categories in your store: Men and Women, and there are T-shirt products in both of them. If a customer viewed ten products within the Women category and six products within the Men category, they would first see a T-shirt from the Women category in search results the next time they search for a T-shirt.

Customizing AI Personalization

You can change the priority of customer’s actions that are considered for AI Personalization. There are 4 levels of priority:

  • Low
  • Medium
  • High
  • Very high

You can also choose what should be included in AI Personalization:

  • Category
  • Product Type

AI Personalization by Searchanise for Wix stores

For example, if you select only Category, customers’ search result will be based on their interest in particular Categories without any relation to what Product type they have viewed or searched for.

How to enable/disable the feature

AI Personalization is enabled by default.

To disable the feature, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Searchanise Search & Filter control panel > Search & Navigation > Preferences section > Products tab.
  2. Set the AI Personalization toggle to off.
  3. Apply the changes.

Product Merchandising settings have a higher priority than Personalization. For example, if you set up a product to be always at the top of the search results, it will be shown first, and personalized suggestions will be displayed after that.

AI Personalization on Wix stores Personalization is the segmentation of customer behavior. Find out what other customer segmentation exists and how it can help your business.
Updated on November 9, 2023

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