You can use REST API to add the Smart Search & Filter application powered by Searchanise to your website.

If you need full integration of our application into your website, for example, when your store on the platform that we don’t support, follow these steps:

  1. Sign up and get the API key pair. See the Signup API.
  2. Import products, categories, and pages to Searchanise. See the Update API.
  3. To manage the search settings, connect to the Searchanise (Smart Search & Filter) control panel Widget. See the Admin Panel JS API.
  4. Add the Instant Search Widget and Search Results Widget to the pages of your store. See the Widgets JS API. Or use the Search API to get search results.

Once you get the key pair, the trial version will start and continue for 14 days. After the trial period is over, purchase the subscription license via the Searchanise control panel Widget or contact the Searchanise support team to prolongate it or get a free subscription for the integration development period.

All requests return data and errors in the JSON format. It may return the CLOSED response, which means that the SIGNUP API and UPDATE API are unavailable at the moment. In this case, resend the request again later.

If you’ve already had our Smart Search in your store, but you want to add it to a mobile application, you need to use only the Search API to get search results. The API Key you can view in the dashboard of the Searchanise (Smart Search & Filter) control panel. 


There’s a limit to 200,000 products. Please contact the Searchanise support team if your store exceeds this limit.

API documentation articles:

Updated on August 8, 2022
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