App usage FAQs

What to prepare before installing our app?

Before installing and configuring our app, we recommend you prepare the necessary product attributes, which you will use later to create product widgets. This configuration is individual and depends on your database, so that might take some time.

You can edit the following product details:

Which browsers are compatible with the Searchanise Upsell & Marketing app?

To use the Searchanise Upsell & Marketing app and Shopify, you need to use an up-to-date web browser. Shopify supports the latest two versions of all browsers unless otherwise noted. Some browsers that are compatible with Shopify:

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Apple Safari
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Opera

We strongly recommend using the mentioned web browsers to avoid any unexpected errors. Refer to the Shopify article Supported browsers for more information about supported browsers.

How many themes does your app support?

We developed our app compatible with themes by Shopify. Therefore, it should be no issues with them. If you face any difficulties, please do not hesitate to contact us for help.

Do I need to install the app for every theme on my store?

You don’t need to install the app for every theme, as you install it all once. If any issues appear after changing the theme, contact us, and we will solve the matter as soon as possible.

Can Searchanise Upsell & Marketing work with other apps?

At the moment, such integration hasn’t been developed. Please let us know about your idea if you require some additional functionality. We will consider whether we can implement it or not.

If you want to suggest an idea with an app improvement or a new app feature, you can easily go to the Feature Requests section and submit your request from the Searchanise Upsell & Marketing admin.

Will the app work well after I reinstall it?

If you have uninstalled our app previously and now you want to reinstall it, your previous settings in our app will be all restored. If our app is updated when your store is offline, it can sometimes cause minor bugs, but our team will assist you in fixing them.

What will happen after I uninstall the app?

Your free trial or subscription will automatically be canceled when you uninstall the app. Your data stored within Searchanise Upsell & Marketing will be kept in your store. However, your products, collections, and live pages will remain unaffected.

How long does Recommendation Widget generation take?

Searchanise Upsell & Marketing builds automatic Recommendation Widgets using your sales history. After installation, the app collects product and orders data from your store using the Shopify API. Then it creates a widget on the store page depending on the type of Recommendation Widget and collected product data. For more information, refer to Types of Recommendation Widgets in our Help Center.

This process might take some minutes to complete, usually less than one minute, but it depends entirely on the storage volume, your sales history, and Shopify API. Anyway, in most cases, the app will display some recommendations in just a few seconds after installation.

If you’re subscribed to the Free plan, the “Powered by Searchanise” label will be visible on our widgets within the storefront. To have it removed, kindly reach out to our support team at

How are app updates applied?

We update the app code from time to time to implement new features, adapt to Shopify changes or fix bugs.

When a new version of the app is released, you don’t have to do anything. It will be applied automatically to all stores using the app.

We don’t modify anything in your store to apply the update because what your store has is a reference to the app script in our servers.

How can we set up the currency format in the app?

The currency inside the app is automatically formatted according to your local browser settings. It’s not connected with the Theme currency setting, but if you want to modify the currency format, you can go to the General Settings page in the app admin and select any option from the Currency Formatting.

How does the currency conversion work in the app?

All the Searchanise Upsell & Marketing bar apps use the ECB (European Central Bank) exchange rate to convert the currency. The Upsell & Cross-Sell app uses the Shopify currency settings from your store.

How can we set up the date format in the app?

The date inside the app is automatically formatted according to your local browser settings. If you want to modify the date format, you can address your request at We’ll help you with customization.

How can I submit a feature request, and when will it be implemented?

We really appreciate your feature requests as they make our app more convenient and competitive. All customer votes are counted, and feature requests are prioritized based on the number of votes.

You can leave your feature requests in the corresponding section of the app’s control panel:

App usage FAQs

After suggesting your idea, you can follow other feature requests and upvote the features you’re most interested in from the Feature Voting tab. Feature voting allows you to vote on potential upcoming features and stay informed about our ongoing developments.

For the latest updates, check the Changelog tab, where you can find release notes detailing new features and bug fixes.

Updated on April 1, 2024

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