Langify Integration


The Langify Shopify app allows store owners to provide multilingual storefronts easily. The integration with this app also adds the ability to use its translations in our app and translate the Smart Search & Filter widgets for multilingual storefronts.

We support the integration with Langify v. 1.0 and v. 2.0.


Important info

Before integrating the Langify app with the Smart Search & Filter app,

  • Make sure both apps are installed in your store.
  • For Langify v.1.0 make sure that the correct language is set as the default one in the Langify settings.

To integrate the Smart Search & Filter app with the Langify app, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Smart Search & Filter control panel > Integrations section > Storefront part.
  2. Set the toggle for Langify to On

    Langify Integration

  3. Select the app version.

    You can only select which version you’d like to install if Langify v. 1.0 was already added to your store. Otherwise, Searchanise will integrate with Langify v. 2.0 by default.

  4. Apply the changes.
  5. Go to the Smart Search & Filter control panel > Translations section.
  6. Click the Sync Translations button to start importing your store translations from Langify

    Langify Integration


    The import process may take several hours. It depends on the number of translations and products.

After the import is finished, the Smart Search & Filter app will use Langify translations in its widgets.

You can also adjust translations for the Smart Search & Filter widgets’ elements.

Important info

You need to click the Sync Translations button in the Smart Search & Filter control panel > Translations section every time after applying changes to Langify for the changes in the Smart Search & Filter widgets to apply.

Translations in Langify

Data Langify v.1.0 Langify v.2.0
Collections: title, description Collections > Collection
Collections > Collection
Products: title, description Products > Product
Products > Product
Pages: title, content Pages > Page
Pages > Page
Blog posts: title, content Blog Posts > Blog Post Articles > Article
Vendor filter values Shop > Vendors
Products > Metadata > Vendors
Product Type filter values Shop > Types Products > Metadata > Types
Filter values base on Tags Shop > Tags
Products > Metadata > Tags
Availability filter values Pages > “Search Results” page > Custom
Collection filter values Collections > Collection title
Collections > Collection title
Values of filters by metafields Pages > “Search Results” page > Custom
Values of filters by options (Color, Size) Products > Product variant Products > Product > Variants
Search Results page’s title Pages > “Search Results” page > Title
Pages > “Search Results” page > Title
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Updated on July 26, 2022

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