Weglot Integration on WooCommerce

Weglot is a plugin for WordPress that allows you to make your WooCommerce store multilingual. It translates the content of your website automatically using neural machine translation providers.

The Searchanise plugin v.1.0.10 or later has integrated with the Weglot plugin. It gets languages and language translations from Weglot after you’ve changed the languages or translations there.

The language translations synchronizing between the plugins are the following ones:

  • Main product details: title, description, full description, and product link
  • Product Attributes
  • Filters
  • Category name and category link
  • Page title, page content, and page link

Searchanise creates its search engine with an API key for each active language.

Weglot Integration on WooCommerce

So there are the settings for each one in the Searchanise control panel.

Weglot Integration on WooCommerce

The widget’s elements (i.e. labels, messages, etc.) are not translated into different languages automatically. To translate them, follow the instructions here for each search engine with the language.

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Updated on April 29, 2022

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