How to add Instant Search Widget to BigCommerce themes

Depending on whether you use a Stencil or a Blueprint theme, the way to add the Instant Search Widget to your storefront will vary.

Stencil themes

Stencil themes are installed for new stores automatically. BigCommerce Cornerstone theme is the default Stencil theme. Searchanise widgets are added to your store automatically upon installing the app, so there’s no need to take further action from your side.


If you notice that Searchanise widgets are taking too much time to load, you can paste the Searchanise widgets’ code into your theme. Look here for instructions on how to do that.

Blueprint themes

You need to paste the Searchanise widgets’ code into your theme. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Go to BigCommerce admin panel > Storefront > My themes > Current Theme.
  2. Click the Edit HTML/CSS link to open the in-browser template file editor. 

    How to add Instant Search Widget to BigCommerce themes

  3. Open the HTMLHead.html file in the template file editor.
  4. Insert the following Searchanise widgets’ code before the </head> tag:
    <script src="//[api_key]"></script>
    Important info

    Replace [api_key] with the API Key of the Searchanise engine for your store. You can find it in the Searchanise control panel > Dashboard section.How to add Instant Search Widget to BigCommerce themes

  5. Save the changes.
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Updated on June 1, 2022

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