Managing products preferences in BigCommerce stores

With the help of products preferences, you can adjust how your search by products will work. For example, you can display out-of-stock products at the end of the search results, adjust the search by Custom Fields, etc.

In this article, you’ll find the instructions for BigCommerce stores. If you have a store on another platform, you can find the appropriate instructions for this platform:

Access products preferences

Open the Search & Navigation > Preferences section > Products tab in your Searchanise control panel to access the products preferences.

Products preferences description

Preference Description
Show relevant product variant Displays the product variant in the search results that is the most relevant to the search query.For example, if a customer enters the “pink suit” query in the search bar and there are “suit” products with the “pink” color option, this variant will be shown in the search results by default. The same situation will occur if a customer selects the “pink” value of the color filter in the Search Results Widget.

If a customer enters SKU in the search bar, the product variant with this SKU will be shown by default.

Enables the Autocorrection feature. After entering the query in the search bar, the app autocorrects it and displays the search results for the corrected query.

The autocorrection occurs using your store’s indexed product data and Hunspell Dictionary.

Please note: it works only if your store is in English.

Enable SKU substring search Switches on the substring search by SKU.
Limit search results up to 10 000 items Limits the search results by products up to 10 000 items to speed up the search.
Displays your out-of-stock products at the end of the search results.
Hide out-of-stock products Hides your out-of-stock products from the search.
Best-selling analyzing period (months), max 6 The period in months that the app will analyze the product sales amount. The analytics is used for the best-selling sorting.
Allows adding search by BigCommerce Custom Fields. See the instructions.

What’s more, this setting adds the custom fields as options to the Display additional product field setting in the Instant search widget (Search Results Widget) section > Content tab, so that you can display one of the custom fields as an additional field in the product cards of these widgets. You can set the label for the field in the Translations & Texts section > Instant Search Widget (Search Results Widget) tab > Additional product field text box.

Price Settings
Display price
Sets the price format for products with variant options. See the instructions.
Displays prices to logged-in users only.
Adds a tax to product prices.

Adjust products preferences

To change the current products preferences, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Searchanise control panel > Search & Navigation > Preferences section > Products tab.
  2. Change the settings.
  3. Apply the changes.
  4. If the warning notice at the top suggests forcing re-indexation, click the link to start the indexation. After the indexation is complete, the changes will appear on the storefront.
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Updated on March 21, 2023

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