Smart Navigation is a feature that allows you to add Searchanise Filters to the category pages or brand pages in your store, for customers to be able to filter and sort products of a category or brand based on product attributes.

There are default filters with the most common attributes such as price, discount, brand, category, and availability. You can add and use as many custom filters as you need, for example, based on custom fields.

Below is an example of a category page with Smart Navigation enabled:

Smart Navigation for BigCommerce

Using Smart Navigation, customers can narrow down their search in just a few clicks and choose something suitable in your store.


Smart Navigation is available on the PRO subscription plan starting with 5000 products as well as on the Advanced subscription plan.

Setting up Smart Navigation

To set up Smart Navigation, you need to edit the theme code

Category pages

Below, you can find the instructions on how to set up Smart Navigation on category pages for your Stencil and Blueprint themes:

  1. Setting up Smart Navigation on category pages for Stencil themes
  2. Setting up Smart Navigation on category pages for Blueprint themes

Brand pages

See the instructions on how to set up Smart Navigation on brand pages here.

Important info

Smart Navigation through brand pages is available for Stencil themes only.

Disabling Smart Navigation

To disable Smart Navigation, follow these steps:

  1. Revert the changes in the templates/pages/category.html and templates/pages/brand.html files: restore the default version from the backup theme.
  2. Go to the Searchanise control panel > Smart Navigation section.
  3. Select the No navigation option.
  4. Apply the changes.

That’s it. Smart Navigation is disabled.


Setting Description
Default sorting Changes the default sorting on category and brand pages. The default value is Date: New to Old.

The Featured sorting on category and brand pages is base on the Featured Items sorting on BigCommerce. If you set the Featured sorting, the items will be sorted by product’s sort order number.

Show out of stock products at the end of list Shows the out-of-stock products at the end of the list. The option is disabled by default.


  1. Category pages or brand pages in your store are showing all products.
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