After upgrading to CS-Cart 4.12.1, the indexation process may get stuck with the Full re-indexation queued status.

As a solution, you can upgrade to the next available version of CS-Cart which is 4.12.2

If the upgrade is not possible for some reason, there is a patch we released to fix the issue. The patch file can be downloaded here.

Below are the instructions on how to apply this patch. These instructions imply that your server uses a UNIX-like operating system, and you have direct or SSH access to the server.

  1. Create a full backup of the files and database of your CS-Cart/Multi-Vendor store.
  2. Copy the diff file to the root directory of your store.
  3. Open the terminal on the server or access the server remotely via SSH.
  4. Go to the root directory of your store in the command line with a command like: 
    cd /path/to/cscart/root/directory
  5. Replace /path/to/cscart/root/directory with the actual path to the root directory of your store.
  6. Run the following command for the diff file: 
    patch -p1 < se-6180-adapt-storefront-languages.diff
  7. Go to the Searchanise control panel and click Force re-indexation on your Searchanise dashboard. 

Once the patch is applied, the indexation will work correctly.

If you need our assistance or have any questions about applying the patch, feel free to contact us.