How to hide products from search on Shopify

You can adjust tags with which products will be hidden from search. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Smart search & filter control panel > Preferences section > Products tab > General section.
  2. Enter tags separated by commas in the Hide products with these tags field.

    How to hide products from search on Shopify

  3. Apply changes. 
  4. Click the Force re-indexation button to start re-indexation.

    That’s it. After the indexation is complete, you can go to your storefront and make sure that products with the specified tags don’t appear in the search results.

    What’s more, by default, the Smart search & filter app doesn’t index products that have the SEARCHANISE_IGNORE tag. Therefore, if you add this tag to some products in your Shopify admin, such products won’t appear in the search results. 

    To add the SEARCHANISE_IGNORE tag to a product, follow these steps:

    Important info

    The SEARCHANISE_IGNORE tag is used to hide products from search by default. Before adding the tag to a product, make sure that the tags weren’t changed in the Smart search & filter control panel > Preferences section > Products tab > General section >  Hide products with these tags field.

    How to hide products from search on Shopify

    1. Go to the Shopify admin panel > Products > All products.
    2. Click the product’s name to edit it.
    3. Enter the “SEARCHANISE_IGNORE” value in the TAGS field.

      How to hide products from search on Shopify

    4. Save changes.

    That’s it. The changes will be indexed in the app within about 10 minutes.

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    Updated on April 21, 2022

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