How to Migrate to Searchanise

We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions that may arise when you migrate to Searchanise Search & Filter from other similar apps. Please read these FAQs before installation.

Shall I uninstall other apps with search & filter functionality before moving to Searchanise?

If you decide to migrate, unsubscribe and uninstall the old app. Other search & filter apps can cause conflicts, and it’s the first thing to check if Searchanise widgets don’t appear in your storefront. Ensure that all app code is removed from your theme files. Some apps leave traces even after removal, so reach out to their support for assistance.

Save your settings (such as styles, custom filters, lists of synonyms, stop words, and others) or copy them to Searchanise Search & Filter before deleting your previous app.

Can I customize the search widgets to match my storefront design?

Certainly, you have the flexibility to change the appearance of both search widgets:

  • Search& Navigation > Instant Search Widget
  • Search & Navigation > Search Results Widget

The color settings are modified on the Template & Colors tab, and more advanced CSS customization is available on the Custom CSS tab. Our support team is always ready to assist you with visual customizations.

Is migrating to Searchanise Search & Filter a time-consuming process?

Searchanise collects information about your products, collections, pages, and blog posts directly from the Shopify app, and the indexation begins automatically immediately after installation. This ensures you’ll have a quick and efficient search without any additional effort.

For more detailed search settings and other features, refer to Quick Start on Shopify and other help articles.

I have numerous synonyms for the search terms. Can I import them?

If you already have a list of synonyms for search words, you can import them as a CSV file in Search & Navigation > Synonyms > Export/Import tab. Please make sure that your file’s structure aligns with the one specified in our app (read more on synonyms). Otherwise, importing an incorrect CSV file may affect the accuracy of search results.

I need to use another app’s functionality in your widgets, is that possible?

Searchanise Search & Filter integrates with apps across various categories, including:

  • Mobile app builders
  • Multicurrency
  • Product reviews
  • Storefront
  • Translations
  • Wishlists

You can find the list of these apps in the admin panel or the help articles. Even if the app is not on the list, it may still work smoothly with our widgets, and no integration can be required.

Searchanise also offers such features as labels, merchandising, banners, and redirects. For upsell & cross-sell widgets, bars, and pop-ups check out another app by Searchanise, which has a free plan Searchanise Upsell, Popup, FOMO.

Feel free to reach out to our support team and take advantage our Help Center when seeking answers.

Updated on January 22, 2024

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