Why are relevant search results not showing on Magento2?

It can occur in these cases:

  1. The default sorting of the Search Results Widget differs from Relevance. You can check out that in the Searchanise control panel > Search results widget section > Content tab > Default sorting option.
  2. You’ve set up merchandising rules, so the promoted products are displayed at first. You can check out that in the Searchanise control panel > Merchandising section > Products or Categories tabs.
  3. Products that match the search query are out-of-stock, and you’ve hidden such products from search in the Magento settings (Magento admin panel > Stores > Configuration > Catalog > Inventory > Stock options > Display Out of Stock Products option), or you’ve adjusted to show them at the end (the Searchanise control panel > Preferences section > Products tab > option).
  4.  Some of the product fields are disabled and the app doesn’t search through them. You can check out that in the Searchanise control panel > Preferences section > Products Fields tab.
Updated on September 21, 2022

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