How to treat accented and non-accented characters the same


In Searchanise, accented letters and their non-accented counterparts are entirely different characters. So fútbol and futbol are two separate but very similar words.

We have done so due to the demand from our European users, for whom accents do matter and must be considered separate letters. We can’t make it an option because it’s a server-side setting.


If you want the words fútbol and futbol to count as the same word and point to the same product, you can use one or both of the following settings in Searchanise:

  1. Assign them as keywords to the product or the group of products in the Merchandising section. For example, if a product called Mesa de futbol has the fútbol keyword assigned to it, it will be found by both futbol and fútbol, because it’s in the title.
  2. Add fútbol as a synonym to futbol or vice versa in the Synonyms section.

Both mentioned features are available to Searchanise Pro subscribers. You can How to purchase Searchanise Pro subscription in your Searchanise (Smart Search & Filter) control panel.

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Updated on June 2, 2022

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