How to switch off Searchanise on Shopify temporarily

There are 2 ways to switch off Searchanise temporarily:

  1. Disable the Instant Search Widget and the Search Results Widget in the Smart Search & Filter control panel. In this case, the widgets won’t be displayed in all themes.
  2. Paste the Searchanise code into a Shopify theme. In this case, the Smart Search & Filter app will be switched off in a certain theme. It can be useful if you are adjusting the app and don’t want to use it in the live theme until completing the adjustment.

Disable the Instant Search Widget (Search Results Widget)


  1. Go to the Smart Search & Filter control panel > Instant search widget (Search results widget) section.
  2. Clear the Enable instant search widget (Enable search results widget) option.
  3. Apply the changes.

Switch off the app in a Shopify theme


  1. Go to Shopify admin panel > Online store > Themes.
  2. Find the theme in which you want to switch off the app, and then click Actions > Edit code. The Code Editor will be opened.
  3. Open the theme.liquid file
  4. Paste the following Searchanise code before the {{ content_for_header }} line:
        window.SearchaniseIncluded = true; 
  5. Save the changes.

That’s it. The app is now switched off in the theme. To switch on the app back, you need to delete the Searchanise code pasted above from the theme.

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Updated on May 25, 2022

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